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JL King & Co is HACCP certified, resulting in quality monitoring procedures ensuring, safe, fresh produce and salads at all times. JL King & Co is committed to ensuring that all products delivered meet industry recognised safety and quality requirements. JL King & Co is also committed to developing codes of practice on a regular basis ensuring the continual improvement of product handling, storage and delivery.

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What is HACCP?


HACCP is an internationally recognised method of identifying and managing risk and when central to an active food safety programme, can provide customers, the public and government-sector bodies with a high degree of comfort that food safety is being taken seriously and is well managed. The concept is not new. Today, many of the world’s best manufacturers and vendors use the system as a basis for their quality-management programmes.

Through analysis of hazards and where they can occur, systems and procedures can be implemented to minimise the risk of failure. Critical control points can be managed by appropriately trained in-house staff, providing for a truly hands-on quality management system at each and every location.



If you wish to visit the HACCP site to read more, please click here